Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter to ALL!! Let's continue to SERVE!!

Happy Easter to ALL!!  Let's continue to SERVE!!

For those who celebrate Easter this is a time for sharing, caring and giving Thanks for the many blessings we have received.  To my Family and Friends, may this Easter and Always draw you closer in love with your neighbours.  To me, I particularly like Easter because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of the season.  For me, if you have not been sharing in someway with your neighbours, your friends or even strangers, I hope this Easter you will begin.  The value of this behaviour is PRICELESS.

There are alot of people who have built their homes on straw which will, in due time, will burn to the ground.  Some even built their homes on sand, but that will wash away in a flood.  Here is why I say this:

To serve in your community is indeed a blessing and for those serve in the West End and other communities hats off to you and I pray for God's Blessing on your family and their families.  Then there are others who have been pretending to serve and pretending to care, and somehow find themselves in a position of authority, power and influence without the fundamental understanding that you MUST serve the people - friends and neighbours - if you wish to stay in authority.  Over time, your house will crumble and today you believe you're in Heaven but you are really living in hell.

Imagine sitting in front of Bill Gates, one of the world's richest men, and you ask him for $100,000 or 10 computers, and he says to you "I can't give this to you."  You would be in disbelief.  This is totally in his grasp to give.  A disciple sat with Christ before he left this Earth and he asked a simple request to "Make him Great?"  The Lord's response to him was "I cannot make you great.  Only you can by doing one thing which is to SERVE."

So to all of those who THINK you have power and you THINK you have Winnipeg or Manitoba at your fingertips, just remember one thing - Without YOU serving the people in every sense of the word, not pretending, lying or scheming, you are building a house made of straw or sand.

I will continue to Serve.  Wherever that leads me, I will be very appreciative as only the Lord knows best.  So, I encourage you all to Serve First.