Monday, 18 April 2016

Independent Candidates are our only hope!


April 18, 2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Democracy & the Manitoba Legislative Assembly is broken – Independent Candidates are our only hope

No one is as blind as those who do not want to see.  A question has come up that I have answered a number of times & I am happy that people are beginning to see the light.  Michael McCullam, Doug Salty Brown & others who are questioning that as an Independent what will I be able to do. Before tomorrow here are some things to consider -

On my own time & dime with a family & full-time job, I was the one who got the City of Winnipeg to change the phrase "Garbage Day" to "Recycle Day", and today recycling is everywhere.

The Government of Manitoba sat on a study for 5 years that stated Manitoba is the best place in the world to have electric vehicles – Why, not until I had a meeting with Jim Rondeau , did they not commission electric buses?

The largest new daycare in this province was built because of my efforts.  I lobbied every daycare in Manitoba to join me on one day & the only one who would come & stand with me in -40 weather became the recipient of the largest daycare built in this province – Rainbow Day Nursery.

While volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest I learned why Harvest was not getting extra food from Lucky’s Supermarket.  With one wall separating Lucky’s Supermarket and Winnipeg Harvest.I thought maybe I could do something.   My intervention now sees Lucky’s giving food to Harvest.

They will not be able to shut me up,  
keep me in a backroom,
not recognize me on the floor,
because when I am right I will not stop.  Others might be stopped, not me!  It’s all about action for the people, not party rhetoric.  The Will of the People will prevail once I am elected.

Just imagine what can be accomplished when an Elected MLA represents 11,000 people instead of a party!

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!

Don Woodstock

Sunday, 17 April 2016



Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!

My campaign team found many irregularities with the names of people on the voters list.  So my Campaign Manager, Kathy Harris went to see Minto’s Returning Officer.  This is the information verbally given to her:

According to the Returning Officer, the Voter’s List today in Minto is 92% face-to-face enumerated.  This means that a person from Elections Manitoba showed up at the address & spoke face-to-face to someone.  In my case I was enumerated & the enumerator asked for my I.D.  I gave him my Driver’s License that says Kathleen Harris.  He asked if I go by this formal name of Kathleen and I said no a shortened version, Kathy.  He recorded Kathy and off he went.  Today, I am on the Voters List as Kathy Harris.  On April 14th, I went to the Advance Polls.  They asked for my I.D. and I gave them my Driver’s License which shows Kathleen Harris.  They did not question me just gave me a ballot.   The Returning Officer told me the Enumerator who came to my home shouldn’t have asked for my I.D.   When the first rounds of enumerators go out they just ask “Do you live here?”  If the person answers yes they are supposed to write the name down – and NOT to ask for ID.   So, if I was not honest I could say I am Kathleen but my daughter is Kathy.  This means 2 people are enumerated.  Now the system is not correct.  Who is overseeing the credibility and accuracy?

Upon review of the Voters List and many names found were questionable, I pointed out an address to the R.O. that had 5 people with the same last name & 5 similar versions of the first name.  The R.O. said “Well, can be father & son or something like that.”  According to the List these 5 names were added in during the first Enumeration period.  A follow-up question I asked was “if all 5 people had to be present to the Enumerator in order to be recorded on the list?”  The Returning Officer told me “No.  The person the Enumerator speaks to can add the other 4 people.”  Again, no ID is required.

The Returning Officer then told me the other 8% are not on the Voters’ list and if they show up on Election Day to vote they will have to show up with I.D. or take an Oath or someone swears for them then they can vote.

At the Advance Polls, according to the R.O., you have to show I.D., but not on the day of the election.  When you show up on Election Day you just say who you are.  Then, if you are on the Voter’s List you will be given a ballot and you can go cast your vote.  NO I.D. REQUIRED.  Why then is it not the same for the Advance polls?  If your name is on the Voters List then they should just hand you a ballot – No questions asked.  But, No – it’s treated differently.  Why?

I asked about the 2nd Enumeration period and was told by the R.O. people have to present I.D. this time.  I asked why they don’t have to show I.D. in the first enumeration but do for the 2nd one, and the Returning Officer just told me that’s the Election Act.  Treated differently again, Why?

Then I asked about the recording/counting of ballots used.  Each campaign receives a list of voters who voted on the previous day in the Advance Polls.  Beside each name is a Sequential # meaning that is the order in which the folks showed up at the polls.  So, I asked why some numbers were missing.  The sequence went from 101 to 103 (where did 102 go? & that happened several times in one day).  In my mind, if at the end of the day the sequence marked down started at 1 & ended at 100 that means that 100 people showed up to vote.  But that’s not correct, because 2 or 3 of the numbers in middle of the sequence are missing.  The Returning Officer gave an explanation that the person showed up and was to be sequence #102 but for some reason didn’t follow through with putting their ballot in the ballot box, so they were not written on the listing given to the campaign.  But my question is “Where are those ballots?”  Did the Polling Station use 100 ballots or 99 ballots?  Where did the ballots go? 

You have to ask, “Why would someone show up at the Polling Station, get a ballot but not put it in the Ballot Box?”

Kathy’s belief today is that if she had given the Enumerator Kathleen & Kathy or Don & Donavan, she could go to the Polling station on Election Day & vote in the morning as Kathy, then go home, change clothes and come back 4 hours later & cast another vote under the name of Kathleen for my favourite candidate.  This is wrong!

Thanks to Kathy & our investigative campaign team that found so many discrepancies both on the street & in the processes, that we truly do not have faith in Minto’s voting practices.  If you have 500 people voting twice on Election Day and once during Advance Voting then the candidate they are voting for ‘wins’ the seat.

We are hereby asking Elections Manitoba for a full scale investigation to get to the bottom of these irregularities immediately as we see them.

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!
Don Woodstock                                                                    

Thursday, 14 April 2016

An Independent MLA will:

PRESS RELEASE - April 14, 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Minto Voters with all our dynamics & challenges must come to grips with the reality of a PC government & fast, and recognize that an Independent Candidate is the type of candidate that will have a real voice for issues & people.  Here's why:
1.  A "no party' affiliation will make me work hard for the needs of the community and not for party politics.
2.  Honest discussions on issues rather than a partisan view
3.  Work across the floor to achieve common objectives that benefit the people.
4.  Stand up for the people of Manitoba/Minto without fear of being kicked out of caucus - a voice that cannot be silenced.
5.  Bring creative out-of-the-box ideas to the Legislature to solve problems without being censored.
6.  To be truly outspoken against outdated political policies, regulations & mandates
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  With one exception - myself as an independent - all other candidates will have to tow the party line & vote the way their leader tells them to vote.  Lie to constituents about issues.  Do as the Party Hacks/Backroom boys tell them to do.  In essence, we will never have a voice for restructuring CFS, removing prostitutes from Minto's street corners, addressing crime, poverty, child poverty, employment for the youth, lack of affordable low-income housing, food bank use, and a failing business district unless it's an Independent one.  There is no way these issues can be addressed honestly by a PC, Liberal or NDP MLA.  Let the rich & affluent areas vote PC.  Vote Independent in Minto.
All Party candidates in Minto will have to follow & vote as their leader tells them to on ALL issues in the Legislative Assembly.  So, if Greg wins again and chooses to raise the PST to 10% Swan would have no choice but to vote "Yes" for the tax increase.  If Brian Pallister doesn't see the need for development in the core districts then Belinda will have to go along with it.  Building prisons instead of investing into communities is a Conservative ideology for safety which Belinda Squance & Andrew Swan will have to support, whether it is the right thing to do for Minto or not.

What can an Independent Voice do?  With the support from the people we can keep the PC's & NDP in check & keep them honest!

Don Woodstock
Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!


Don Woodstock – Independent MLA Candidate for Minto

April 11, 2016, Winnipeg, MB
A Sustainable Approach to Food Security

Recently, Winnipeg Harvest presentation of Bridging the Food Gap highlighted a difficult path that Greg Selinger & the NDP have led us on.  Andrew Swan, former Justice Minister & Attorney General, has not provided a single solution in alleviating the stresses caused from the increased Cost of Living, extremely high food prices and the increased number of folks using the food banks.

In Minto, I see too many of my neighbours using the food banks to get by. There is a solution only if we are prepared to address this in the most honest & sincere way.

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!  Talk is cheap.  Here is what I have done:

I have been to a farm 15 minutes from Winnipeg, have lots of fun picking vegetables for the farmer and brought back unlimited amount of vegetables that I gave away to seniors and folks who needed it in the community. 

If elected, I would provide the necessary resources to make sure that we glean (taking excess produce off the field) all the fields within 15 minutes to ½ hour of Winnipeg.  This will provide an opportunity for folks in Minto & surrounding neighbourhoods access to FREE produce annually.  I would commit to working with the Good Food Club and other organizations to make this happen.  To dehydrate these fruits & vegetables would be an excellent way to provide this food year round.  Currently eating junk, because it’s the only thing we have, is no longer acceptable.

Keeping it real!  Keeping them honest!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Minto needs Woodstock for MLA

      Minto All Candidates Forum Questions
      April 12, 2016
      Hosted by:  Spence Neighbourhood                                 Assoc. & DMSMCA
      Here are the questions & my answers.
                 - Don Woodstock
               "Keeping It Real! 
                   Keeping Them Honest!"

     1.  Accessing affordable housing is in an ongoing struggle for many of our community residents.  Will you commit to build at least 300 new social housing units annually for the next five years? What plans do you have to improve the state of affordable housing shortages in our community?  In your plan will this be social housing be public housing?

"Yes, I will build at least 300 new social housing units annually for 5 years making sure the housing is first ‘affordable’ low-income housing then, low-income housing because there is a difference.  First item to do is to get an audit of current derelict buildings that the City currently has on their books.  Fast-track the process of demolish or purchase so it doesn’t take 3-4 years.  Create housing co-ops – one that will make the purchase of these homes to never be sold for profit.  This will keep rents low & affordable.  The plan will be for both types of housing."

2.  Will you continue Rent Assist for those living on a low income?

"Yes, but what we will do differently is change up the model of Administration so more than the current 10% of eligible folks can get assistance.  We end up spending a lot of time & money administering over a system where it could be spent better – on the people.  We need less administrators & administrative red tape, so that more people have access."

3. Social Housing is an integral part of the diverse housing landscape in our community, where does your Party stand on committing to maintain and not sell off social housing structures in the future?

"What did Medicine Hat do?  They discovered that it is cheaper to the taxpayer to find housing for someone rather than leaving them on the street.  They would save approximately $80,000 a year.  I like Medicine Hat’s approach and should I be elected, I would put a Private Member’s Bill for legislation to make sure we adopt Medicine Hat’s model of Housing First.  Time has come for us to stop talking about this issue & act on it.  I would be the strongest advocate to suspend the empty promises while apartment blocks lay idle.  The apartment block at the corner of Ellice & Langside stood empty for 5+ years, supposedly being renovated.  Yet no one saw anyone there.  Half of Sage Creek was built in 5 years.  So, any political party or elected official can promise you all they want, but talk is cheap.  There are a lot of us who understand what is happening here in Minto to a lot of good people.  We can do better."

4.  Having a safe and well maintained home is important to safety and well-being. Many of the social housing infrastructures in our community are in need of renovation and maintenance. What ideas do you and your Party have to maintain the renovations program of Manitoba social Housing units?

"Let’s not be fooled by party rhetoric.  Let’s keep it real.  Let’s keep it honest.  It is impossible to depend on federal transfer dollars & higher taxation to keep social programs in this province running.  We have to be creating more jobs, less people on welfare, better use of taxpayer dollars, decrease administration, no more prison expansions – in fact, we need to reduce prison populations.  So, my answer to this question – if we truly want to have better housing & infrastructure – let’s be honest, we have to push for this Province to be a ‘have’ province.  Going to the Federal Government with our hands cupped is not moving forward.  Real income & real business opportunities are how we will be able to have the revenue for special grants for housing renovations & social housing.

"Manitoba Hydro – A Crown Corporation - if they were handling their finances better they would be able to provide grants for more than just windows, but have competitive loans for the purpose of retrofitting your homes, beyond windows & insulation."

5.  Energy efficiency is a way to a warm, healthy, safe, and cost efficient home for our community and Province. How will you help community residents who want to make improvements to their home to be greener and more energy efficient (solar panel, geothermal pump, etc.)?

"Manitoba Hydro can help by becoming an Green Energy Sector Leader rather than just an electrical power supplier.  This will create green business opportunities and less red-tape for incoming businesses to Manitoba.
For any Business Model to be successful – you need relatively low labour costs, relatively low Hydro, relatively low land costs, and guess what, Manitoba has all of that & centrally located in Canada.  Yet still, we do not have an economy that is self-sufficient.  For Economics 101 folks, ‘Steady Growth & Good Jobs’ is a con job."

6.  The purpose of the Restorative Justice Act (2015) is to support the development and use of Restorative Justice programs in Manitoba.  What is your party’s plan to support the continued efforts of the restorative justice model in Manitoba and how will you make restorative justice options more accessible to our community in West End Winnipeg?

"As a West End resident and social activist, I am endorsing Bill 60 and its policies on restorative justice.  Family Violence & Youth offenders would have a chance to have a more speedy court hearing and help to reduce the burden on our Criminal & Family Court System. Combining the Restorative Justice & the Families Justice Initiatives will help to make a clearer picture of peoples’ lives and circumstances to help in the decision of sentencing.  Advisory Councils, the new Prosecution Unit, new and expanded mental health and drug courts should all be reassessed to ensure that funding/administration costs/necessity of the positions to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent properly.

The Perry Preschool Study:  Results - The study shows that a high-quality program for young children living in poverty, over their lifetimes, improves their educational performance, contributes to their economic development, helps prevent them from committing crimes, and provides a high return on taxpayer investment.

An office for Restorative Justice will be on Sargent, Ellice Avenue, or Cumberland right in the thick of things, and very visible to the community and accessible.

A new model is needed – Spend more money in early childhood development with emphasis on prenatal care vs building prisons.  I said it 4 years ago that it was the wrong thing for the government to embark on.  I am saying it again 4 years later, after no improvement to our community; it’s time for someone who truly wants to make a difference in improving folk’s lives that are in the inner-city."

7.  When people are in need of urgent support, it is essential that there are accessible and coordinated resources available to them in the community.  This is often a difficulty faced by those in our community during times of crisis.  This issue has been addressed in other areas of Winnipeg through a provincially funded Block-by-Block Community Safety Initiative.  What are your plans to address this issue for families living in the West End?

"This initiative was first launched in 2013 as a Crime Fighting initiative.  To date, I have heard no stats, no research, no reporting to the media or general public on how well this initiative is working.  I reviewed a website & found many MLA’s & top ranking folks “in-charge” & am not confident of its leadership & vision.  In May, 2015, Police Chief Clunis stood in front of the City Council building and announced its “Smart Policing Initiative” which is a part of the Block-by-Block Initiative explaining that this will take place over the next 5 years.  It seems that it will be many years before this initiative will come to fruition.

My philosophy has always been to govern more at the street level than in a marble-laid office so the philosophy of joining forces is appealing.  A phase of the Block-by-Block initiative focuses on improved housing, better access to wellness services, neighbourhood beautification and improved infrastructure.  Here in the West End, my focus will be on the neighbourhood - New lighting, a facelift, more education about the root cause of crime.  The 24/7 Safe Space, which I have strongly supported since its infancy, speaks directly to crisis assistance in the middle of the night.  Should youth in our community need assistance, voluntarily or involuntarily, the 24/7 initiative is there to help, and this is the initiative I feel will best serve during a crisis, and will see that this initiative continues.  My belief is that this kind of support and more, will eliminate youngsters being charged for petty things or unnecessarily because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time due to there are no other places for them to be."

8.  Harm reduction can be defined as strategies, programs and policies, which aim to reduce the negative health, social and economic outcomes associated with the use of licit or illicit substances. It is an evidence-informed and cost-effective approach – bringing benefits to the individual, community and society (International Harm Reduction Association, 2006).  How will your party support harm reduction efforts and programs in our community? 

"The Addictions Foundations of Manitoba has reported great results.  Folks who want to change their path in life have a better success rate if in their program.  Their programs speak directly to root causes.  Addresses them.  Lends support.  If we could, in one generation, turn around or eliminate harmful causes such as poverty, lack of housing, and more support of mental illness as well as addictions, we can look forward to a brighter future.  Many programs today look at treating the end-result – I would like to change that model – look at the beginning influence.  Let’s start there."

9.  What is your party doing to help the older adults and seniors of the West End “age in place” safely and have access to safety resources such as emergency medical services?

"Everyone deserves to stay in their homes for as long as possible.  We know that this lends to longer life, happier mental status and better physical activity.  We know today that we are living longer.  I believe we need to implement a Medical Savings program just for Home Care that will see the Education tax diverted into this Medical Savings, say at age 60.  Set it up as a tax-free investment as the senior will
be paying tax on the services when used. 
-        Ambulance/EMS
-        Healthcare doctors & nurses in-home visits
-        Transportation in vehicles (not ambulances) while remaining in             gurneys provided at a lesser cost than EMS
-        Prescription coverage 100% after 70 years of age
-        Coordination of services for housecleaning & yard work"

     10.  Crime Prevention addresses the risk factors in communities and connects people with protective factors (programs, supports, resources).  This approach meets the needs of community members in a multi-facetted way.  In what ways will your party prioritize Crime Prevention in our neighbourhood?  

"A small group of us in the West End have met on several occasions with the Winnipeg Police representatives to identify problems occurring in the community.  A huge hurdle we have to overcome is the lack of power by the Police until a crime has occurred.  So again, dealing with end results rather than with beginning influences.  Our social models have to change if we are going to move forward.

The Conservative government recently passed Prostitution as a legal form of work and the people who buy the services are breaking the law.  So, to play within this realm, requires us to become a little more resourceful.  More intense lighting on the streets, being a more vibrant business community, patrols on the street and cameras in areas of interest.  Removing unwanted elements, such as residences that grow and sell illicit drugs would be very beneficial to the community.  Let us institute a reward system for information leading to drug busts in West End Homes.  Whether it is monetary or service-related, if there is a benefit for someone to reveal this information then let’s use it to do the best for our community.  Calling Crime Stoppers or your MLA is one avenue.  Today, if your next door neighbour is selling drugs out of their home, sometimes you feel helpless or you call the police & it seems it takes forever for a result.  Remember, the Police can’t do it all.

In other communities of Winnipeg, prostitutes cannot stand on the corners, such as on Demetre’s corner street in Lindenwoods.  Why is it O.K. for them to stand here in Minto?  Why do I have to talk to my daughter about prostitution?  Not sure, if Andrew Swan who lives in Wolseley ever had to have that conversation with his daughters."
11.  What does your party propose in terms of mental health care for young adults who are exiting CFS care and are expected to be independent with little or no resources?

"The Hughes Enquiry has many key reforms which includes CFS wards to have extended care to the age of 25.  I firmly believe this to be a key factor in preparing a child for adulthood to have a better mental & physical future.  If we could spend one generation of supporting and nurturing CFS children, the number of children in-care would drop dramatically & permanently.  We have the studies, noted & respected people in their fields have given governments their recommendations and we have to change the CFS model dramatically, or we will never be able to solve the problem of young girls like Tina Fontaine, who at a young age prostituting herself on Sargent Avenue without the MLA & Justice Minister Andrew Swan caring enough to change it because she wasn’t related to him."

12.  Youth are completing high school and university with few employment opportunities, what is your party doing to promote accessible career and employment opportunities for the young people in our community?

"My true passion is the welfare of our children & what future are we providing for them.  Just recently, one of the residents of our street, Lipton Street, wanted to do a “Wood Workshop” at our annual Canada Day Block Party FREE to 30 children who want to see how well they could do at woodworking.  That was a brilliant idea.  But to expound upon that, with the help of the Urban Knights & Ladies organization, we have been working to put together a Youth Trade Skills program to introduce the youth of the West End to plumbing, carpentry, & electrical.  We have a big-box company seriously considering to come onboard with providing the materials the program would need.  Upon entering this program, we would help to secure funding for individuals who would like to continue into college or university to further their future in one of the trades. 

All communities thrive when there is a good mix of business & residential needs met.  As a huge environmental activist, one of my main focuses would be bringing in green business/technology.  Bringing jobs into the West End should be one of the main focuses of an MLA."

13.  What does your party promise for the continuation and increased support of recreation for youth in the inner-city?  How will you party increase support for the accessibility of recreation in the inner-city, through individual equipment, transportation and health support?

"When you are a resident of a community you understand the problems your neighbours face, and one of those is keeping our youth engaged.  We do have properties that can be revitalized for the enjoyment of the youth, such as the Orioles Community Centre.  Basketball courts, tennis courts & skate parks are essential to be local & evident in the neighbourhood for all to use.  A lot of, what I call fluff, is being done in the community today.  Minto needs strong leadership at the political level who care about seeing this community move forward in a positive way"

14.  Transportation affects all ages, however, the safety and wellbeing of young people is heavily affected by lack of reliable transportation.   What initiatives will your party take to help people access more efficient public transportation? 

"I would like to work with Winnipeg Transit/City of Winnipeg to institute a Dart Service (shuttle service that is provided to St. Boniface, Southdale & Ft. Richmond) that would run around the West End (from Balmoral West to Strathcona & from St. Matthews North to Wellington).  This service is provided at normal fare & is just a phone call away.  To get folks, especially youth & seniors from A to B safely, hassle free and with frequency is integral for health and mental wellbeing."

15.  How will your party provide better support for youth in the LGBT! Community in the education system, health care system and workforce?

"Every life is precious.  All races, creeds, colours, religion, sexual orientation & disability/ability are equal in my mind.  Our communities are striving to do better – and the LGBT community is a part of it.  I would like to ensure there is enough information about stereotyping & racial profiling, as well as discrimination, and as I have seen & felt discrimination on many fronts, I will strive as a community leader & your MLA to have more understanding out in the public about people of diverse sexual orientation.  This will be in the form of more open dialogue at schools & rec centres, education in schools & workplaces ensuring upper-level management engage in the process of acceptance by attending seminars to implement neutral-friendly facilities.  Ex. Washrooms.   Doing this in consultation and partnership with existing groups."

16.   A job can be an effective way out of poverty, but only if the wages cover the basic cost of living. The Manitoba minimum wage is $11 per hour. The current minimum wage is not based on any estimate of the cost of living, nor is it indexed for inflation. A two-parent family with both parents working full time on minimum wage still leaves them with a household income that falls $1,500 below the poverty line, and single-parent families$8,000 below the poverty line. Increasing the minimum wage to the Low Income Cut Off Before Tax (LICO-BT) measure for a single parent family ($15.53 in 2014), sets the minimum wage based on the actual cost of living.  Do you believe worker’s pay should cover basic cost of living?  Do you support increasing the minimum wage to the Low Income Tax Cut Off Before Tax measure (LICO-BT) ($15.53 in 2014) through a series of pre-announced steps by 2020 and indexing it to Low Income Cut Off-Before Tax?

"Yes I do, but only if we have a new government in put in place.  Due to the NDP’s demonstrations that they are more interested in hiring people for their political gains, rather than finding ways & means to put monies back into the pockets of people who need it the most raising the minimum wage won’t help us."

.    17.  Many of our community members have mental health issues and have difficulty finding work because of the stigma surrounding their disability. What would you do to help with educating employers about this problem, and promote the employment of those living with mental health issues?

"Reaching Equality & Employment Services (REES) corner of Portage Ave & Erin, I served on the Board of Directors for 4 years.  I saw, first-hand, 90% of people with disabilities/abilities who came to us found employment.  That is an impressive number.  We focused on their abilities & sought employers who could use those abilities.  The employers were very satisfied with the workers.  Our board was somewhat comprised of folks who had first-hand experiences with people who had disabilities.  That made a huge difference to our outcomes.  Looking at one’s abilities & finding an employer who needs that ability is paramount."

     18.  The poverty rate in our neighbourhood is one of the highest in the city, but many residents lack the education or skills to obtain employment. What will you do to provide more skills training and education opportunities to local residents in order to address this issue?  Residents have said there is a large gap between skills training and finding apprenticeship or job opportunities locally. How would your party work to close this gap and promote apprenticeship or employment so residents could find work in their own neighbourhoods?

"Earlier, I spoke of the Skills Training – the importance of it.  Now, we have to look at bold initiatives that the NDP government has not done.  There is a huge shortage in the construction industry, and a conversation I had with Mike Holmes, Holmes on Holmes T.V. show, is “the greatest asset we have is our youths.”   So we need to find ways & means to get them on-the-job training, apprenticeships and we will be working with folks in the community to make this happen.  We will bridge that gap."

19..  Alternative economic development initiatives such as micro-financing and local investment funds offer a way for communities to generate local income and employment opportunities. How would you support and promote such initiatives?

"Each initiative would be looked at for viability.  Small or large economies thrive on economic sustainability.  So, we need to have small Mom & Pop operations to do well.  Through consultation and public meetings rather than close door meetings will help us to develop a model that would benefit the community.  Promoting viable initiatives would be one of my main focuses."

20.  Many community members in our neighbourhood receive Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). Households on EIA have not had an increase in their Basic Needs Budget –meant to cover food and other basic needs. When other household supplies and necessities are subtracted, families are left with less than $4 per day per person for food, well below the cost of a healthy diet in Manitoba. In 2015, the Manitoba government raised the rent budget for people receiving EIA to reflect actual rent costs. This increase only goes halfway to filling the gap in what people on EIA need to survive. The other major component of the EIA program, the Basic Needs Budget also needs adjustment.  Where does your Party stand on the Basic Needs Budget and what will you do to ensure that the Basic Needs Budget reflects the actual cost of living and the needs of our community?

"In the 70’s in Dauphin, Manitoba – A study was done for Guaranteed Livable Income.  I will take the study & get it looked at again to help to implement into Winnipeg, Manitoba."

Sunday, 31 May 2015


GPM LogoPress Release

Winnipeg, June 1, 2015

Green Party of Manitoba Family Services Advocate Don Woodstock says the NDP Government should proclaim the law requiring mandatory reporting of critical incidents involving children in care that it passed nearly a year ago.
The Child and Family Services Amendment Act (Critical Incident Reporting) was passed in June, 2014, but has never been proclaimed. This law would strengthen protections for children and compel those looking after children in care to report critical incidents immediately. It followed the Hughes inquiry into the murder of Phoenix Sinclair.
Because the law is set to come into force by proclamation, it has no force until the Cabinet sets a date to make it law. A year has passed and no date has been set to bring this law into effect. “The Government must finish the job and proclaim the law,” said Woodstock.
“I'm appalled at the government's foot-dragging,” said Green Party of Manitoba leader James Beddome.
Proclaiming the Act is a first step but much more is needed,” noted Woodstock. “Addressing the root causes of poverty, decolonization, and lack of fair work opportunities are key to fixing our child and family system. Government failure to proclaim its own act demonstrates complete inaction in the face of a burgeoning crisis. This is not acceptable.”
“We need more than empty promises,” said Woodstock commenting on the recent announcement by Family Services Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross. On April 1, 2015 she promised that the Government would stop housing children in care in hotels by June 1, 2015. Irvin-Ross has now admitted this will not happen in northern and rural Manitoba until December 1, 2015.
Woodstock said the Green Party of Manitoba has begun a consultation with stakeholders in the Child and Family Services system to find solutions to the crisis. “We will work with a wide spectrum of experts, especially those who have been harmed by this system,” Woodstock said. “The solutions exist and we will present them to the people of Manitoba over the coming months.”

The clock is ticking.  This is the first press release of many to come.  We are looking for solutions.  All the children and families that have been and/or currently effected by the actions of CFS give me a call at (204) 880-1564 or email me at
It's your hurt and experiences that will shape a new model for the next generation of children.

The ultimate goal is to prevent us from continuing on the same path.

A brighter future for the children of this province.