Thursday, 14 April 2016


Don Woodstock – Independent MLA Candidate for Minto

April 11, 2016, Winnipeg, MB
A Sustainable Approach to Food Security

Recently, Winnipeg Harvest presentation of Bridging the Food Gap highlighted a difficult path that Greg Selinger & the NDP have led us on.  Andrew Swan, former Justice Minister & Attorney General, has not provided a single solution in alleviating the stresses caused from the increased Cost of Living, extremely high food prices and the increased number of folks using the food banks.

In Minto, I see too many of my neighbours using the food banks to get by. There is a solution only if we are prepared to address this in the most honest & sincere way.

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!  Talk is cheap.  Here is what I have done:

I have been to a farm 15 minutes from Winnipeg, have lots of fun picking vegetables for the farmer and brought back unlimited amount of vegetables that I gave away to seniors and folks who needed it in the community. 

If elected, I would provide the necessary resources to make sure that we glean (taking excess produce off the field) all the fields within 15 minutes to ½ hour of Winnipeg.  This will provide an opportunity for folks in Minto & surrounding neighbourhoods access to FREE produce annually.  I would commit to working with the Good Food Club and other organizations to make this happen.  To dehydrate these fruits & vegetables would be an excellent way to provide this food year round.  Currently eating junk, because it’s the only thing we have, is no longer acceptable.

Keeping it real!  Keeping them honest!

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