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Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!

My campaign team found many irregularities with the names of people on the voters list.  So my Campaign Manager, Kathy Harris went to see Minto’s Returning Officer.  This is the information verbally given to her:

According to the Returning Officer, the Voter’s List today in Minto is 92% face-to-face enumerated.  This means that a person from Elections Manitoba showed up at the address & spoke face-to-face to someone.  In my case I was enumerated & the enumerator asked for my I.D.  I gave him my Driver’s License that says Kathleen Harris.  He asked if I go by this formal name of Kathleen and I said no a shortened version, Kathy.  He recorded Kathy and off he went.  Today, I am on the Voters List as Kathy Harris.  On April 14th, I went to the Advance Polls.  They asked for my I.D. and I gave them my Driver’s License which shows Kathleen Harris.  They did not question me just gave me a ballot.   The Returning Officer told me the Enumerator who came to my home shouldn’t have asked for my I.D.   When the first rounds of enumerators go out they just ask “Do you live here?”  If the person answers yes they are supposed to write the name down – and NOT to ask for ID.   So, if I was not honest I could say I am Kathleen but my daughter is Kathy.  This means 2 people are enumerated.  Now the system is not correct.  Who is overseeing the credibility and accuracy?

Upon review of the Voters List and many names found were questionable, I pointed out an address to the R.O. that had 5 people with the same last name & 5 similar versions of the first name.  The R.O. said “Well, can be father & son or something like that.”  According to the List these 5 names were added in during the first Enumeration period.  A follow-up question I asked was “if all 5 people had to be present to the Enumerator in order to be recorded on the list?”  The Returning Officer told me “No.  The person the Enumerator speaks to can add the other 4 people.”  Again, no ID is required.

The Returning Officer then told me the other 8% are not on the Voters’ list and if they show up on Election Day to vote they will have to show up with I.D. or take an Oath or someone swears for them then they can vote.

At the Advance Polls, according to the R.O., you have to show I.D., but not on the day of the election.  When you show up on Election Day you just say who you are.  Then, if you are on the Voter’s List you will be given a ballot and you can go cast your vote.  NO I.D. REQUIRED.  Why then is it not the same for the Advance polls?  If your name is on the Voters List then they should just hand you a ballot – No questions asked.  But, No – it’s treated differently.  Why?

I asked about the 2nd Enumeration period and was told by the R.O. people have to present I.D. this time.  I asked why they don’t have to show I.D. in the first enumeration but do for the 2nd one, and the Returning Officer just told me that’s the Election Act.  Treated differently again, Why?

Then I asked about the recording/counting of ballots used.  Each campaign receives a list of voters who voted on the previous day in the Advance Polls.  Beside each name is a Sequential # meaning that is the order in which the folks showed up at the polls.  So, I asked why some numbers were missing.  The sequence went from 101 to 103 (where did 102 go? & that happened several times in one day).  In my mind, if at the end of the day the sequence marked down started at 1 & ended at 100 that means that 100 people showed up to vote.  But that’s not correct, because 2 or 3 of the numbers in middle of the sequence are missing.  The Returning Officer gave an explanation that the person showed up and was to be sequence #102 but for some reason didn’t follow through with putting their ballot in the ballot box, so they were not written on the listing given to the campaign.  But my question is “Where are those ballots?”  Did the Polling Station use 100 ballots or 99 ballots?  Where did the ballots go? 

You have to ask, “Why would someone show up at the Polling Station, get a ballot but not put it in the Ballot Box?”

Kathy’s belief today is that if she had given the Enumerator Kathleen & Kathy or Don & Donavan, she could go to the Polling station on Election Day & vote in the morning as Kathy, then go home, change clothes and come back 4 hours later & cast another vote under the name of Kathleen for my favourite candidate.  This is wrong!

Thanks to Kathy & our investigative campaign team that found so many discrepancies both on the street & in the processes, that we truly do not have faith in Minto’s voting practices.  If you have 500 people voting twice on Election Day and once during Advance Voting then the candidate they are voting for ‘wins’ the seat.

We are hereby asking Elections Manitoba for a full scale investigation to get to the bottom of these irregularities immediately as we see them.

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!
Don Woodstock                                                                    

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  1. Every single year since I was legally of age to vote whenever someone from came to the door during a provincial election I was always asked as to how many people resided in my household who were over the age of 18 besides myself, I would provide the proper number of those who were over the age of 18, those that were home at the time could come to the door, state if they plan on voting or not...if they stated they planned on voting the representative from Elections Manitoba would then ask them their full name & date of birth as well if they could produce any identification that supported the information they provided...this has always been the way it has been done as long as I can recall...this time around the exact same procedure was followed and I was provided with my enumeration papers of which actually has a number stamped on it on the bottom right hand corner...that enumeration paper must be taken with you when you go to your assigned polling station to cast your vote, and your assigned polling station is in fact stated right on the enumeration must bring identification that supports the information you provided to the Elections Manitoba representative...when you go to cast your vote your enumeration paper is then checked off in the records book, along with the identification you presented at the polling station, and the enumeration paper is then taken from you before you cast your vote after everything has been checked & double checked...for as long as I have voted this has in fact been the procedure followed...this time around we actually had one person who is over the age of 18 who was at home at the time the Elections Manitoba representative came to our house...two of us registered to vote, both of us showing our identification, one his drivers licence and myself my birth certificate which we were both informed are the pieces of identifiction we will need to bring with us on April 19th when we cast our vote ... the 3rd person very politely informed the Elections Manitoba representative that she has no intentions of voting in this provincial election and an enumeration voting registration form was not filled out for her at there is in fact checks & double checks so as to ensure that people do vote twice as the identification is in fact checked for date of bi.rth, place of birth, etc..which is documented and checked when you go to vote...not too sure as to who it was you were talking to Don...but like I said...the process has been the same for as long as I can fact up until 2 years ago I did not even have a birth certificate and I had to use another piece of Id. that had my date of birth as well as my current address on it so I always provided my Manitoba Medical card along with my Manitoba Hydro bill AND to make double sure also provided my Manitoba EIA Disability card which also had my address & date of birth on it just to be on the safe side & always informed the Elections Manitoba representative that I did not have a birth certificate at the time due to red tape involved with adoption records & vital stats in Ontario in obtaining a newly issued birth certificate as all my identification had been stolen many years before and that I was still battling Ontario Vital stats on the issuance of my birth certificate in the correct last name due to the fact my adoption by my step-father were sealed back in those days and therefore Vital Stats in Ontario kept issuing me a replacement birth certificate in my mothers maiden name which had been legally changed when my step-father adopted me....and even thaqt information the Elections Manitoba representative would always make note of which was always double checked with the informtion on hand when I went to cast my vote...