Thursday, 14 April 2016

An Independent MLA will:

PRESS RELEASE - April 14, 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Minto Voters with all our dynamics & challenges must come to grips with the reality of a PC government & fast, and recognize that an Independent Candidate is the type of candidate that will have a real voice for issues & people.  Here's why:
1.  A "no party' affiliation will make me work hard for the needs of the community and not for party politics.
2.  Honest discussions on issues rather than a partisan view
3.  Work across the floor to achieve common objectives that benefit the people.
4.  Stand up for the people of Manitoba/Minto without fear of being kicked out of caucus - a voice that cannot be silenced.
5.  Bring creative out-of-the-box ideas to the Legislature to solve problems without being censored.
6.  To be truly outspoken against outdated political policies, regulations & mandates
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  With one exception - myself as an independent - all other candidates will have to tow the party line & vote the way their leader tells them to vote.  Lie to constituents about issues.  Do as the Party Hacks/Backroom boys tell them to do.  In essence, we will never have a voice for restructuring CFS, removing prostitutes from Minto's street corners, addressing crime, poverty, child poverty, employment for the youth, lack of affordable low-income housing, food bank use, and a failing business district unless it's an Independent one.  There is no way these issues can be addressed honestly by a PC, Liberal or NDP MLA.  Let the rich & affluent areas vote PC.  Vote Independent in Minto.
All Party candidates in Minto will have to follow & vote as their leader tells them to on ALL issues in the Legislative Assembly.  So, if Greg wins again and chooses to raise the PST to 10% Swan would have no choice but to vote "Yes" for the tax increase.  If Brian Pallister doesn't see the need for development in the core districts then Belinda will have to go along with it.  Building prisons instead of investing into communities is a Conservative ideology for safety which Belinda Squance & Andrew Swan will have to support, whether it is the right thing to do for Minto or not.

What can an Independent Voice do?  With the support from the people we can keep the PC's & NDP in check & keep them honest!

Don Woodstock
Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!

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