Monday, 18 April 2016

Independent Candidates are our only hope!


April 18, 2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Democracy & the Manitoba Legislative Assembly is broken – Independent Candidates are our only hope

No one is as blind as those who do not want to see.  A question has come up that I have answered a number of times & I am happy that people are beginning to see the light.  Michael McCullam, Doug Salty Brown & others who are questioning that as an Independent what will I be able to do. Before tomorrow here are some things to consider -

On my own time & dime with a family & full-time job, I was the one who got the City of Winnipeg to change the phrase "Garbage Day" to "Recycle Day", and today recycling is everywhere.

The Government of Manitoba sat on a study for 5 years that stated Manitoba is the best place in the world to have electric vehicles – Why, not until I had a meeting with Jim Rondeau , did they not commission electric buses?

The largest new daycare in this province was built because of my efforts.  I lobbied every daycare in Manitoba to join me on one day & the only one who would come & stand with me in -40 weather became the recipient of the largest daycare built in this province – Rainbow Day Nursery.

While volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest I learned why Harvest was not getting extra food from Lucky’s Supermarket.  With one wall separating Lucky’s Supermarket and Winnipeg Harvest.I thought maybe I could do something.   My intervention now sees Lucky’s giving food to Harvest.

They will not be able to shut me up,  
keep me in a backroom,
not recognize me on the floor,
because when I am right I will not stop.  Others might be stopped, not me!  It’s all about action for the people, not party rhetoric.  The Will of the People will prevail once I am elected.

Just imagine what can be accomplished when an Elected MLA represents 11,000 people instead of a party!

Keeping It Real!  Keeping Them Honest!

Don Woodstock

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